All Clear.

It’s 3:47 am and I am jetlagging. I’m binge-watching Netflix and playing Boggle on line and waiting for elusive sleep to hit when the first text message comes in. I ignore it for awhile because really who texts at 3:47 but after a few minutes I check and find out we’re under lockdown. I have no way to explain the bizarreness of this, but last week I was at Mitchell’s sitting on the bench outside or at a table inside with friends, with kids, with family eating organic ice cream and now I’m shaking David awake and sending him downstairs to make sure all windows and doors are locked.

And then I turn on lights everywhere and start wondering — do I wake my kids, do I move everyone into our room? I hear small noises from the street, growing louder and softer and I wait and wait and wait.

Earlier in the evening, with friends over, we got more texts and laughed, a bit, cautiously,  when the lockdown on Rosh Tzurim was resolved when they found the thief who broke in to steal chickens. We texted friends in Efrat when they went under lockdown this evening as well after someone saw something suspicious.

And, apparently, at 3:47 am it was our turn. Someone broke into the yishuv, wiggling under the gate that was locked — it is a trick generation of teenagers know about here. But not tonight. Because tonight we are all on edge. It takes 15 minutes for the mystery to be solved, for the wiggling teenager to be found for everyone to be told to head back to bed. But I wasn’t sleeping before and I’m sure not sleeping now.

Last week, I was away in the land of Starbucks and Niagara Falls when the stabbings took place in Neve Tzuf but Yael was there with friends — with her entire Bnei Akiva staff. And when they got back to Alon Shevut on Saturday night, they were all greeted by support staff, trauma therapists and people who were trained. And instead of letting them come home, they sat down with them all and talked it out. And for awhile the kids felt like, just let us go home we don’t need to talk now we need our beds and our parents and our homes. But they were wrong. They needed people to say, with love, talk it out.

And part of me wants to say here, let’s just talk it out. But what I really want to say is, if you’re totally right wing politically don’t post on my wall, not tonight. And if you’re totally left wing politically don’t post on my wall, not tonight. I’m blessed with people across the spectrum in my life. But tonight all I can think of is the end of Paul Simon’s American Tune where he tells us, “All I’m trying is to get some rest.”




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