Birthday Boys

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It is a source of great anger among the littles that I dared to birth both Eitan and Dov on the same day. I like to remind them both that neither of them was supposed to be born on Friday, February 27th. Eitan showed up 12 weeks early and Dov, practically late by Katz standards, came 5 weeks early. But early they came with 5 years to separate them, on February 27th.

This year Eitan won the birthday wars. It was, after all, his Bar Mitzvah so Dov’s birthday slid by with little fanfare while we planned Eitan’s day down to the color of the napkins. Through it all I solemnly promised Dov that I would most certainly make him his own party. And a mere four months later, I came through. So today, June 26th became Dov’s defacto birthday — celebrated with all his classmates in our backyard with epic pinterest attempts and an entire party revolving around Pool Noodles and the games you can play with them (spoiler alert: many. the amount of games you can play with them is oh so many). And they ate cake and ice cream and ice pops and played sports and went home.

Except that today, June 26th, Dov’s birthday party day also happens to be Yoni’s actual birthday. So now Dov, the boy who never had a birthday to call his own, celebrated his birthday party on Yoni’s birth day. Sigh. One would think there aren’t 365 days in a year. But it is what it is so after Dov’s party we invited Yoni’s closest friends over and just BBQed the hell out of some meat.

I have a great deal to say about 16 year old boys but I will say this: I have loved Yoni’s friends since they were old enough to toddle into and out of this house. They are ridiculous and wonderful and smart and gross all in the right ways. And if who you are can be reflected by the choice of the people you befriend, I am so so happy.

So while I may be hiding in my room escaping the X-Box marathon, the kite-flying debacle and the overall over-saturation of meat, let me wish the happiest of days to the boy whose day was co-opted by 18 8-year-olds with pool noodles. Yoni, I love you. Happiest of days.



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