Burning Up.


Look, it hasn’t been a great week. Each boy had me bringing him to the doctor or the hospital at least once. Some kind unsuspecting teacher accidentally opened a caravan door into Dov’s face giving him a mild concussion. He followed that up with a 103.5 fever and strep. I was with Channan at the ENT and with Yoni at the orthopedist (his home away from home). Dov and I watched Minions at 3:00 am and he has, in general, been suctioned to my side.

And then it seems like Israel may be on fire. Not just like “where’s the rain” fire but a legit  “didn’t Smokey Bear warn us against these” fires. And there are bad guys doing bad things.

And I’m missing deadlines all over the place… which is OK. But then I pull my computer into the bed with Dov waiting for his fever to break and I start recording my podcast. And he adds an idea or two, quietly at first but enough to make me smile and forget that I am exhausted and woefully behind in things like life and laundry.

We’re back now, snuggling on couch under his fleece Spiderman blanket. I’m waiting for his fever to break again while watching the season finale of Dancing with the Stars. Judge if you want, but it’s exactly where I want to be.





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