When we were little, my mother invented the Island Bike Ride. To know my mom is to realize how entirely consistent it is with her personality. She was a mom who took us on Sunday bike rides. She was a mom who charted out our route perfectly so that our 25 minute bike ride didn’t have us crossing any streets at all. We were awestruck at her brilliance.

For the past 14 years my mother has suffered from Parkinsons. I’m sure all diseases suck. This one is no exception. It super sucks. And then two weeks ago she had brain surgery where a surgeon who I can only describe as awesome poked around for 3 hours in my mother’s brain while she was awake. The next 3 hours had them implanting two electrodes in her brain while she was knocked out.

And then she woke up.

This is what it feels like for me: it feels like a black and white movie that has a splash of color added to it. My mom who has had severe dyskinesia (shakes) can sit still now. We secretly (and not so secretly) position ourselves near my mom whenever she walks. But now she just sort of walks. I videoed the moment that her electrodes were turned on (my kids call her Robot Grandma), and there she was… that mom. And we have missed that mom so so much. More than we ever allowed ourselves to admit. And then she was back.

Yesterday she went on a new Island Walk with my sister. Because if you walk in a full square around her apartment you don’t need to cross any streets. It took them a half an hour and my mom was completely wiped out but it didn’t matter because 25 years later and our Islands are back.

Thanks for all of your prayers and texts and warm wishes and kind thoughts. People are good. Science is good. And my mom is great.



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  1. G-d is good. So incredibly wonderful.

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