Summer Hikes


My people are scattered all over the place these days. I have three boys up at Camp Stone enjoying a Pennsylvania summer while Yael is away traipsing around the North in 100 degree weather planning Bnei Akiva camp. So it is really just us and Dov. Which is riotous.

The three of us celebrated Sundae Sunday, Movie Monday, Town on Tuesday and David and Dov are at the pool now enjoying Water Wednesday. I’m busy making soup and filling my freezer with food to last us through Sukkot (we all vacation in different ways).

Dov ends his run at summer camp tomorrow. The past two weeks have been so beautiful and eye opening for me. Dov went to a Kibbutz camp in the Gush. Every day we packed him with bottles and bottles of water, his hat, a good pair of shoes (that are now a very gross pair of shoes) and sprayed sunscreen all over that guy. And off he went.

And then my 7 year old hiked the heck out of Gush Etzion. He walked through maayanot (water springs) that I didn’t know about. He followed hiking trails that were so off the beaten track that we were amazed they made it home. His most valued possession from the summer is a map of the area that they all got. And he feels like this is his home. He isn’t scared because he doesn’t know that we usually are. He isn’t overwhelmed. He isn’t political. He is just a super cute kid, hiking with lots of other super cute kids. And it is great. One day they stopped alongside some Arabs who were harvesting their grapes. They sat together sharing grapes for awhile and then everyone moved on. And that is my dream. Truly my dream.

My Facebook feed is a hateful place these days. The elections are polarizing and it seems to be playing out so angrily and violently with links and videos and mild hysterics every day. So here’s to my seven year old, hiking with his friends with his too big backpack ready to meet kindness and discover the world. Maybe I’ll join him one day.


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