Politics are Terrible. Channan is Wonderful. Lessons Learned.


I haven’t written in awhile. This blog stuff is hard. But I want to talk about my two different realities today.

This Saturday night Alon Shevut is hosting a meeting to talk about security in Gush Etzion. I am working very behind the scenes which makes me happy because the scenes… they are so painful and ugly. Politics are nuanced and complicated and come with years and years of baggage so planning this meeting has us unintentionally stepping on lots of toes. And getting yelled at a lot. I really just want people to not be physically hurt. I’m pretty sure it’s okay to want that. But it has been weighing heavily on me — the cost of trying to help when people are angry (or in denial?) at the world around them.

But then also Channan spends the day at David’s bakery being filmed for a segment on Israeli TV. And the actor is lovely. And the director is kind. And you watch as the day unfolds as Channan gets more and more comfortable and confident with them. I’m not sure if this part will make the show (and happily I wasn’t there to see it because I would have teared up quite a bit), but at some point Channan sat down and was interviewed by the production team on what it is like to wear hearing aids. He took them off, explained them and talked candidly. The team, who have done many segments of this show, were so impressed with him. As I am. Always.

So for all the Channans out there and their siblings and friends and vibrant lives, I know why I’m working on this meeting which is the equivalent of banging my head into the wall repeatedly. It is for every child that there is and the hope that they will grow into their wonderfulness.


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