Go Team Go


You may think I’m about to write about the Cavs. I’m not. I mean, I guess I am if it counts that I start off with we woke up this morning early (so early) to watch a game (so painful) that certainly could not have put us in the best mood. But that isn’t the team I’m going to talk about. I’m going to talk about our team, those Katz folks.

David opened his bakery today. Many people from many places have called or written to talk about what it is like to follow a dream and that is certainly cool. The place is beautiful. The people on Rosh Tzurim are authentic and effortlessly cool and like healthy bread so that’s all great. But to me what was great today were my kids.

Yoni and Eitan came to Rosh Tzurim to hand out flyers to everyone who showed up for the Cherry Festival (we timed our opening with a major festival that happens each year on Rosh Tzurim). They worked together (!) for many hours and no one came back bloody or full of rage. Already the bakery is a success, if only for that moment. Yael opted to stay home and cook all of Shabbat for us. By mid-morning she had made lemon meringue pie, spice bars and coffee cake. I’m not sure she had a clear vision about proteins and that’s probably okay.

I smiled at a lot of people, kissed some babies I didn’t know (just kidding that would be creepy) and sold a lot of bread. David ran a workshop for 40 people including the Minister of Agriculture and the Head of the Gush Etzion Municipality. Then he smiled a lot and sold bread.

Yoni realized that with the cherry festival going on a few minutes away, he needed to be proactive. So Yoni and Eitan filled baskets with bread and went down and sold it all within minutes. Then they did it again. And then all the bread was gone. So David will be retiring and our soon-to-be 14 year old will be running the store and Yael will be making our meals.

Go Team Go.


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