Tzefat Blue

photo 1-8

Maybe building a bakery isn’t so easy. There seems to be all these things we need to decide. Lighting? Does the bathroom look too farm-y? Are the tiles too big? And, this week’s crisis: windows and doors. As they went in, David and I (separately) wigged out about the color. It was crazy town blue. Super super blue. Elementary school blue. Or as David liked to say Tzefat blue. Certainly it has no place in our farmhouse bakery.

My parents came out to see the latest bakery crisis and thought we were nuts. Our amazing super-talented interior designer friend showed up to calm us down. The branding team dispatched an emergency delegation to reassure us that we are ridiculous. So maybe we are.

And then we went to Tzefat today. We’re with friends in a beautiful house in Rosh Pinah for Shabbat and this morning we had a fabulous walking tour of Tzefat. Anything is fabulous that manages to engage Dov Katz in conversation. Dov was at the helm, engaging the tour guide with numerous questions — some even were relevant. But it felt beautiful and holy. And it also felt blue. At every turn there were our bakery windows and doors staring at us. Maybe it was fate?

But really what was absolutely wild is that the tour guide ended the tour with a discussion of the color blue — of our bakery blue. And he spoke about mysticism and of skies and waters and beauty. And it was our blue. And suddenly it is beautiful.

photo 2-10


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