Where Yoni Katz Wins the Kotel



I mean, Yoni Katz.

Yesterday we went to a tekes at the kotel. One of our favorite favorites, Eli, was having his tekes hashbaah so David, Yoni and I braved the crowds. Once we reached the kotel, it was clear there was no way we were going to be able to see anything. That was just fine with me but Yoni had other plans. He decided he was going to try to move forward and just find us after the tekes. Sure, we thought, why not?

About twenty minutes later, we see Yoni — at the front — on someone’s shoulders. We’re not really surprised. There are a lot of Camp Stone folk at the tekes so it seemed obvious that Yoni would manage to find them in a crowd of thousands and climb on someone’s shoulders for the perfect view.

Only that’s not what happened.

What happened, in the truest most vintage Yoni way, is that as Yoni worked his way forward he said excuse me to someone. That guy said to Yoni, “oh, do you want to climb on to my shoulders?” And Yoni said sure. So Yoni watched the tekes from way up front, on a stranger’s shoulders. They chatted a bit, Yoni said, and the guy was a nice guy. Then the tekes ended, Yoni climbed down said thanks and found his way back to us.

There are no shortage to Yoni stories. Maybe next time I’ll write about the talent agency that wanted Yoni to audition for Israeli TV. Also, that kid gives me gray hairs.



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