In Mourning and In Dance

It all ties together. Channan and a friend left the yishuv on Shabbat as they chose to take a tiyul to the Alon HaBoded (the Lone Tree). In their defense, many people walk out of Alon Shevut on Shabbat. But they are eight years old and people have been killed nearby so, as parents, we were shaken up and angry and grateful and sad and happy when they came home and shared their adventure. When we asked the guard at the gate how he could let small children walk out he said, the Arabs around here are friendly. And many are.

Tonight, David was walking the dog and came upon the Arabs from the nearby village who have been employed by the yeshiva for decades. They are setting up for Rav Aharon’s z”l funeral. David stopped to talk to them and reminisce. They remember running around the area as the yeshiva was being built. They are part of the traditions and lore of my home.

Tonight was another tradition. There is a fabulous ceremony marking the transition from Yom HaZikaron to Yom HaAtzmaut here. It is sometimes long. It is sometimes really cold out. But it is just part of us. This year Yoni will be in the daglanut and Dov will be singing… badly (very and adorably badly). But tonight Yael and I showed up to help make some costumes. It involves stars and moons and lots of glue and a material that I believe only exists in Israel, albad.

And it has been such a sad, surreal day. We have lost the anchor of our community, of our world. And in the background, the High School boys are practicing their dance. And they are the antidote to sadness. Their thumping, slightly crazy music, their youngness.

This afternoon, I went to mincha in the yeshiva. I know that the funeral will be a HUGE event tomorrow and this tefilla at the yeshiva felt intimate and sacred. It felt like my community in mourning.

And today you feel the community. You feel it when your kid wanders off. You feel it when you walk the streets. You feel it when you’re surrounded by young and old alike, in mourning and in dance.



1 Comment

  1. Tamara Spitz

    You totally summed up my day (but I unfortunately missed the mincha!)

    Dance has an amazing power!!!

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