The Holy of Holies

I make no secret of the fact that my early childhood education was somewhat Ultra-Orthodox and some of that has seeped so deeply within me that I actually surprise myself when it surfaces.

The other day I ran into Channan’s teacher at a store. We talked about the struggles that Channan is having. I cried a bit (ain’t no shame tearing up in the photo shop) as we, yet again, went through the possibilities of how best to help a kid who doesn’t fit in a box. As we began saying our goodbyes, she offered one last suggestion: have a little faith. God is good. Offer up a prayer or two to Him. Specifically, head into the tunnels under the Kotel, to the spot closest to the Kodesh Kedoshim. There you are supposed to pray for the education (chinuch) of your children. I smiled (mostly pretend-ly) and went home.

But the more I thought about the more I wanted to make that trip. I’ve talked to teachers, guidance counselors, psychologists, learning specialists, hearing specialists. Really, I’ve left no stone unturned. And the idea that keeps resonating with me right now is that the place you go to pray for your kids’ education is quite literally the place we believe to be the holiest place on the planet. Nothing is more sacred. That sounds right and good to me. I love me a dash of mysticism in my life and I love the idea that there is nothing holier than a child.

So, I’m heading there next week with my spiritual partner in crime (way holier person than I). I’m happy to pray by proxy. Because… well, why not. God is good.


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