Roller Coaster Gal


So the year is 2015 and my car is blocking a tractor. Because people seem to still use tractors. Which seems weird to me. But there is a battered green John Deere waiting to go on its merry tractor way. So I pull out and let rural America pass me by.

David is on this roller coaster of taking his hobby and his passion and turning it into a business. I’m on this roller coaster of watching David take his hobby and passion and turn it into a business. Let’s just say I’m not always a roller coaster girl. I’m an old-fashioned wooden roller coaster gal. But the new ones that throw you backwards to go forwards to loop through things while you’re standing up… that’s just not me. But there are days that I find myself strapped in to just that.

We have signed on space in Rosh Tzurim, a kibbutz about 2 minutes away from our house. That’s where I parked my car, blocking the tractor that makes its rounds through the kibbutz. It is potentially beautiful space. We love the kibbutz, we love the vibe, the history, the energy. So, David is building his artisan bread bakery there along with space for him to run workshops for people near and far. It’s sort of kind of awesome.

When the kids were little, if we had time before drop off, we’d head off to the kibbutz to see the cows. It was the perfect 6 minute filler between 7:24 (when the older kids got dropped off at school) and 7:30 when gan opened. Dov and I have visited the cows quite often. We know where the babies are, we know where the angry dogs are and we know where the cows who say moo are. It has become an occasional ritual of ours’. Now, we’ve started something new: Dov likes checking out the bakery with me or David before school starts. He likes checking out the space, seeing the work that has been done. It’s become a family project. Kindly, Yoni has offered to drop out of school and work with David (hilarious). Yael is planning on working there this summer. Channan has offered to work there after school and on weekends (adorable). Eitan complains that David loves bread more than his kids (again hilarious).

It’s this intimate world that David is building right now. It’s full of artists, artisans, designers and builders. It combines some of my favorite people with some of his. It is a risky crazy dream but I am so proud of him for dreaming it and so proud of me that I haven’t thrown up of nervousness too often.

Also, his bread is really good.


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