Geeky olive-oil burning priestly rock stars


Let me start off by saying, we’ve all got our crazy. I like reality TV when in my heart I know it’s evil. I cook for Shabbat until the very last minute adding dishes we don’t need at all and I hate pairing socks so much that once a year I throw them all out and start again.

But today will be about David.

To truly understand my life with David, you need to walk through our yard. Try as I may to class up the joint, our backyard pays homage to things that interest him. I may plant my roses and put in a basketball court but there’s no hiding from him. One Saturday night, David put up a 15 foot antenna so he could do something ham-radio related (that came down real fast!). We have extracted honey in our backyard, made olive oil, baked matza and now, of course, bread.

There is a huge wood-burning brick oven in our backyard. There is chopped wood underneath and around it. There are large round stones for squishing out olive oil in the front yard. There are countless “things” that I don’t ask about because inevitably the answer will stress me out.

But there are moments in the chaos that I truly appreciate.

Yesterday, David took Yoni and Eitan on a field trip… to an olive oil factory.

It turns out that you need to take ma’aser and give teruma off of olive oil you manufacture. It can only be given to a kohain and the oil that is set aside can only be burned. All of this means: a kohain can take the teruma and use it to light Chanuka candles. So off David goes to Meshek Achiya to get 22 liters of free olive oil that they are so happy to give to a kohain.

It’s not often you feel like a rock star. But lighting last night in our home it felt like we were geeky olive-oil burning priestly rock stars.

We all know that there is no chance we’ll be using 22 liters of olive oil (unless I haul in one of those Chabad menorahs) so if you’re a kohain, head on over. Because otherwise we all know the olive oil we be joining the rest of the souvenir’s from David’s Magic Adventures in our backyard.



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