The Air We Breathe


A friend recounts this story: Her daughter comes home from her first day of second grade and tells her mom about her day. The teacher asks the kids about their summer. One child raises his hand and talks about his cousin. His older cousin, a soldier,  was gravely  injured in Azza survived for a few weeks only to pass away a few days before school started. As he shares his story about his beloved cousin, my friend’s daughter begins to cry and not knowing what to do simply puts her head down on her desk to hide her tears.

I think there is no way to sum up why we live here that would be more poignant than that story. I want my kids to live in a world that from time to time you put your head down on your desk and cry. Because that world is so fragile, and so beautiful and meaningful.

It’s the air we breathe.

I’m up north today. David is busy being David. He is meeting with people all over the north in ways that only David can. I’m sitting in a lovely hotel on a balcony overlooking the Kinneret. I guess we each have our strengths 🙂 The furniture we ordered from the Amish of Sugarcreek, Ohio began a lifelong friendship between David and the Amish and Christians in the area. He’s prepping part of their tour for when they come in a few months. He’s also meeting a baker who does similar work to what he does.

It is wildly peaceful up here. There is no one around. I feel like I may have the entire hotel to myself. I feel like I may have the entire North to myself. The kids have started back at school. I never understood the need Parenting magazine had to shout self-righteously about family dinner. It just seemed obvious. Everyone needed to eat. Just pull out the food at 6 and voila family dinner. Yet suddenly I find that family dinner is competing with late days at school, sports, running around the neighborhood. More and more I find that we’re pushing dinner later and later to have as many kids around us as possible. Our people are getting bigger and are living their own lives and they’re doing it in ways that make me so proud. It is a life so different than what could have been. It is magical.


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