Facebook Stalking

John Carroll-full


Jesus is staring down at me. I’m sitting in class at John Carroll and God bless those Jesuits, Jesus is hanging in every room. I’ve been sneaking peeks over at my neighbor’s Facebook page (does no one learn during class?), and it is a different world. I think there may be some concert footage, maybe some cool trendy pictures. My Facebook feed is of hell. War and fighting and anger and anti-Semitism and dead chayalim. And people who hate us. And planes who won’t fly to us. And more anger. And funeral listings. It’s nice to know that someone’s Facebook reflects the banality of summer and fun and selfies.

On Monday when I left class it was around 8 pm and there were these 18 or 20 year old boys out on the field at John Carroll playing soccer. It was this gorgeous night and these were carefree pretty boys kicking the ball back and forth. And I got angry at them — don’t they know what’s going on in the world? And I got angry at me. How can I be sitting here at a time like this. And  I got angry at them again because their counterparts are dressed in green and at war and in hell. And we’re in Ohio, which may just be a bit of heaven.

But I’ve got Jesus and this stellar professor and new knowledge that gives me 160 minutes of escapism into a world of reading and innocence… and my neighbor’s Facebook account.

My thoughts are somewhere else.


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