Lost and Found



This is where I was when I heard the news that the boys that were lost had been found and were now gone.

Today was the last day of school. The kids came home with fabulous report cards and were feeling so good. So good about themselves. So good about the start of summer, of freedom, or carefree living. And I toss them in the car and head to Tel Aviv to meet David and our extended family for dinner.

And it is exactly what the last day of school should be. We’re at the port in Tel Aviv surrounded by the best summer has to offer. We eat a great dinner with some of the people we love the most in the world. And the sun is setting over the Mediterranean. And Eitan is skateboarding down the pier. There is one corner of the pier set up for a sing-along. A big screen with Israeli songs and a band playing. Another corner has a world cup game on. There is a carousel going around and around. And my whats app dings. Again. And again. And again. And I pick up the phone and call my friend who will know the truth, the friend that I expected to actually find the boys, that’s how dedicated she is. And she knows and she tells me.

And I think. Not here. Not in Tel Aviv, near the water, near the joggers, near the carousel with its endless music. I need to make it back home to hear this news. But it is too late and my kids see it on the big screen TV and see it in my eyes. And their hearts break. I feel Yoni’s heart break as he sobs. Channan has tears running down his face.

And we are bereft in sunny happy Tel Aviv. We come back home. Eitan begs me to turn off the radio in the car. We get to battle-scarred Alon Shevut where there are pockets of tears everywhere.



  1. Oh Devorah….No words….

  2. Emily

    Like Sarita ,,, No words. I went to my church to pray today and the boys were heavy on my mind.Now I understand why. I wrote prayers in my prayer journal for them. There are so many levels to this.Please know that Christians all over the world have been standing and praying with you.

    • So touched by your comment, Emily. Thank you for your prayers. I pray for all humanity too. Sarita 💖

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