The Most Much


I get choked up when I see an American soldier in uniform in an airport. I thought it may be because I’ve seen one too many youtube video of tear-filled reunions in airports. But that’s not true… there can never be too many youtube reunion videos. It’s because of their laundry. An American soldier deployed abroad is gone for months on end. An Israeli soldier can bring his laundry home to his parents every week or two. I think it’s about having your laundry done by someone who loves you the most much.

And there is so much, ridiculously much amounts of love in the Gush these days. From our corner bakery that is taking orders from around the country and delivering the food to soldiers to Yoni’s friend’s family who handed out flowers and prayers on Friday to 3,000 people. In Nof Ayalon, they are receiving gifts from other yishuvim around the country. One yishuv sent a flower to every home. Another yishuv sent fresh juice. What can I do to show you I love you seems to be the question on everyone’s mind.

Tonight, I got choked up when we saw a battalion of soldiers in Efrat. Yoni had just lost his playoff game and was close to tears and we head out to grab a “sorry you lost” burger at Burger’s Bar. And this scene unfolds where the World Cup is playing on a big screen and kids are watching and cheering and then there are just bunches of soldiers. And I get emotional. Who is doing their laundry this weekend because I don’t think they’re going home. So we slip some money to the cashier and we say, we’ll buy them some burgers. Those kids masquerading as grown ups over there, with the big guns and the tired smiles. We love you the most much. And I introduce Yoni to the soldiers and we talk about his bar mitzvah and we wish them good luck and we ask them to find some lost boys. Our lost boys.

But, if I’m honest, we’re just paying the love forward. Because we are feeling love from all over the world. With Yoni’s Bar Mitzvah in a few days, our friends in Cleveland want to send in some cookies — so they can be part of the day. But it turns out there are SO many cookies being sent that they asked if they could donate some of the cookies to the soldiers in the Gush in Yoni’s honor. So we’re left with the feeling of being loved the most much. And we just want to share the wealth.


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