I lit three extra candles this Shabbat and explained to my kids that there were parents this Shabbat in Israel whose children were lost and we were going to keep their sons in our hearts. They got it sort of.

And then we all, as a family, went to shul. And as Dov climbed all over me, I davened for the little boys who used to climb over their mothers in shul. And as the shul said tehillim, I thought, there are some very very righteous people standing all around me, certainly this must mean something. But then we went home and ate dinner and nothing changed.

And we heard some jeeps and maybe a helicopter or two but then nothing changed again.

And all day we waited in this bizarre holding pattern waiting for someone to reassure us this was all over that this never really happened that this couldn’t have happened at a corner that I pass as I drive my kids to baseball practice. But no one said anything at all because nothing has changed.

And then my friend is out walking her dog tonight and passes the park. And there a lone 16 year old boy sits sobbing his eyes out and I know that everything has changed.


Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah

Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim

Eyal ben Iris Teshurah


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  1. I have no words…praying~

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