Last year on Pesach we were renting a drug lord’s house in Naples, Florida. I mean I assume it belongs to a drug lord because all the painting and sculptures were mildly pornographic, a source of great hilarity for my kids and I couldn’t imagine actual other people living in this palace. We held our seder in the ballroom (while conspicuously draping the various sculptures around the room) and spent a lot of time tossing out kids into the pool. It was awesome.

This year we returned to the ancient Passover traditions of lots of sand, lots of traffic and lots of Israelites. We were very dedicated to what needed to be done. We surrounded ourselves by lots and lots and lots of family. We stood in colorful flowers. We traipsed up and down the country. We took mini-hikes. The kids played a ton of frisbee and baseball. We saw friends we hadn’t seen since getting back from Cleveland (oy). It was all how it should be.

Today I took a break from group parenting and took Eitan out on a date (from zone defense to man to man). Jerusalem has just built a super great movie theater and off we went to see Captain America together. The Levine family has a long history with movies. Deena and I were raised on old musicals. David watched more Star Wars than we care to remember. We talk the language of movies. And Eitan is my father’s grandson. Eitan speaks a language that is all Hobbit and Marvel with some Lego tossed in. When Eitan was little we discovered that he was the best kid to take on errands. It turns out that middle child is hilarious. And today was just perfect. I am parented out. I have been on call for the three weeks before Pesach while David was away and the two weeks of Pesach vacation. Stick a fork in me. I am done.

And then we head into the VIP theater. And the chairs are huge and the (crazily overpriced) sodas sit next to your arm chair on your own tray. And you pull out your foot rest and lean your chair back and watch your ten year old watch a movie. His reactions are better than the Captain and that’s saying something. I have always been an action-no-blood movie fan. And while this one didn’t disappoint, it was Eitan who stole the show. There is that moment (this moment in fact) in parenting where you are stuck in a vortex. On the one hand,  you are so tired you cannot wait for your kids to go back to school while at the same time you know you just want to savor every moment you have with them because it is glorious and they are glorious. And it passes in a heartbeat.


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