Flying By



There are people who truly and deeply love Yoni. I need to call them from time to time to remember all the awesomeness that is my kid. As any parent call tell you (except for the condescending mommy bloggers who seem to have very perfect kids who wear uncreased linen and eat so so many vegetables), there are moments when you need to reminded that all will be good.

Today (at least from the hours of 6:00 am to 8 am), I needed no reminders. Yoni has been running for the past few months and trained to run the 10 k here in Gush Etzion. So he was up at 6, at the starting line at 7 and we were all there by 7:35 waiting to cheer him on. David is in the States so I was somewhat concerned about how I would get four kids up, out of bed, dressed, breakfasted and walk to the finish line so early in the morning. But it turns out, as much as I wanted to see this moment unfold, my other kids did too. My boys clustered around the finish line with me waiting for Yoni to fly by (Yael found… you know… actual friends to hang out with).

And he flew by. His crazy blond hair and skinny legs, his face flushed, totally focused on crossing the finish line.  There is something intensely breathtaking about your kid flying by. We’re heading into the home stretch of Bar Mitzvah planning and I’ve spent a great deal of time just thinking about Yoni — who he is, who he’ll become and how we can help him get there. And then, in one quick minute he is there.  He is on his own, racing, succeeding and passing me by.

Before I’m accused of being one of those evil mommy bloggers, I’ll let you know he’s been making his siblings nuts all afternoon. But I look back at the moment this morning when hot and sweaty, he came over to his brothers and gave them each hugs. I’ll take it.


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