That Guy and My Guys


At Israeli weddings there is always that guy. That guy that shows up in his army uniform because he has been let out scant moments before the chuppah and has raced to get there. At our wedding, the requisite chayal ended up marrying my roommate and it was, in no small part, because of those army greens (well, that might be speculation on my part. Either way, happiest of birthdays to her sorry to have missed the fun!).

Regardless, today at a Friday morning wedding, the requisite chayal showed up. He had thrown a dress shirt on over his uniform but was still in his army pants. He had an army jeep waiting outside the hall. They had driven him to the wedding where they had graciously given him 15 minutes.

I have written about our adopted Bnei Akiva kids so often because they are such a beautiful part of our lives. Today, was the wedding of a girl we’ve watched grow up since she was 16. She is beautiful. Surrounding her and her adorable husband are all the kids we’ve watched grow and change for the past 8 years. Some are married, some are dating (some are driving their parents crazy because they aren’t married or dating), some have kids, some are about to travel the world, some just came from their travels. And they are all gorgeous. And then our chayal slips in during the chuppah, with the jeep waiting outside, just to add to the moment. The button down shirt mismatched with his army pants, he joins the people he has known his whole life. It is such a small group of friends — maybe 20 of them now. But they love each other so intensely and so deeply it takes my breath away.

Yael and Yoni accompany me to the wedding. David is in the States visiting a life that I simultaneously miss so much while feeling like it happened decades ago. One of our favorite boys is back from abroad and is reconnecting with Yael and Yoni. And I watch him watch Yoni. And I know that he joined my club — the club of watching with breathless amazement as people grow and change and become who they were always meant to be.



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