You actually feel the oil in the air


I remember feeling the intensity of the holiday season in America. Right about now, Halloween candy is half off at CVS and commercials revolve around turkeys being eaten by very athletic people in wooly sweaters. I forgot that we have our own brand of intensity around here: all things oil.

There are donuts that should be on display in museums. They are fancy and creative and outrageous. There is a country-wide competition (again, I refer you to my ridiculous love for all things that smack of color war) to find the best donut out there. The winner usually is Roladin, but from time to time an underdog bakery will creep in and take it. And it’s a festival of unabashed frying.

There seems to be this great excitement over the intersection of Thanksgiving and Chanuka (perhaps it’s just because we get to figure out clever mashups of the day). I’m happy but I don’t care. I love Thanksgiving and I love Chanuka and I will love them together. Chanuka already gives me the opportunity to overeat with loved ones for 8 days. Sure, I can throw Thanksgiving into the mix, but usually it’s just another day to overeat with loved ones. And this year there will be plenty of loved ones — with representatives from Cleveland and Israel  chowing down on turkey and … oil.

I will miss my kids first major snowfall that took place last year over Thanksgiving weekend in Ellicottville, NY in a cottage with huge floor to ceiling windows. It was the first time they ever saw blizzarding and it was breathtaking. Also, today it was 83 degrees in Alon Shevut. Happy Chanugiving to one and all.


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