Sigh of relief.



My biggest fear coming back home was Channan. Last year he had twelve kids in his class. He had two wonderful teachers. I tear up thinking about how pivotal their role was in his development. He had high school girls lining up to high five him. He loved school last year. Tossing him into a class of over thirty kids with his minimal Hebrew and strong aversion to background noise (the enemy of hearing aided children everywhere), I figured we were heading for trouble.

Today I went to school to meet his teacher and the guidance counselor. David was at his first gig (honey making! apple cider!) so I was flying solo. I am pretty used to these meetings. I had close to a dozen of them in Cleveland, but I was nervous because I tend to get flustered in Hebrew when I am overly emotional. I came during recess. There are a zillion pint-sized kids running around. It was the Lollipop Guild of the Middle East (google it. you’ll thank me). I couldn’t imagine how Channan could navigate these hallways (sidenote: years ago, Nani and I dropped something off for Yoni at his school. We accidentally showed up at recess time. “Hug the wall!” I kept screaming at Nani hoping to keep him safe). Channan sees me, seems happy and smiley and keeps running. That will be my first sigh of relief.

I sit down with Nani’s teacher, the school guidance counselor, the Shema teacher (Shema is an organization that works with kids with hearing loss) and a fourth woman responsible for giving private classes within the school framework. And they were all lovely. All of my preconceived fears were put to rest as these women, who were clearly so invested in Nani’s success, showed just how committed they were. Each gave a report, an evaluation and some insights. And he’s been there for one week.

I’m not saying it will all be happy pretty. Channan asked me yesterday to homeschool him so I do see quite a long road ahead. But it is with people who genuinely want him to succeed. Also, there are only 29 kids in his class, not 30. Another victory.

One last thing: anytime there is a nice moment in Israel, my friends here are all like, “put it in the blog!” So here’s one more nice thing: the doctor lives next door. My kids don’t even need shoes to get there (too third world for you?). And also, it doesn’t cost me any money.

Final final note: this is the picture of Nani that I showed at the meeting today. I start every meeting about Channan showing his picture because often there are one or two players who haven’t met him yet. And he’s a super yum.


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  1. He really IS a super YUM! I’m so happy to get to know your children vicariously through your blog! Relieved you had a positive experience too đŸ™‚ Love you!!

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