Anna Kendrick and Me

I am a Top 40 junkie. I know I’m supposed to like some indie band that makes me seem deeper, darker, cooler. But I don’t. I like Canadian music (that can’t help me seem cooler) and I like whatever is playing on the radio. So it is no surprise that I’m all about Anna Kendrick and all that is going to be missed when she’s gone.  Every time it comes on to the radio (and it is on OFTEN), I make a mental note of all that I’m going to miss when I’m gone.

We are mostly done with our packing. I have spent MANY hours in Nani and Dov’s room today. Nani came wearing a size five, moved up to a size six and is now size seven. Dov has gone through size three and is moving on to size four. It is no exaggeration to say that I have handled HUNDREDS of items of their clothing today. I would stay in Cleveland for another year just to avoid packing, but then I remember this: last month Channan said to me, “have I ever been to the kotel?” So maybe it’s time to go home  (and go to the kotel).



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