Monthly Archives: July, 2013


I am certain that in some Groucho Marx movie everyone is stuffed into a tiny room aboard a cruise ship. It’s a way better gag than stuffing frat boys into a phone booth or clowns into VW. It is also what happened this morning outside my house. The stuff we’re sending home went into a …

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Anna Kendrick and Me

I am a Top 40 junkie. I know I’m supposed to like some indie band that makes me seem deeper, darker, cooler. But I don’t. I like Canadian music (that can’t help me seem cooler) and I like whatever is playing on the radio. So it is no surprise that I’m all about Anna Kendrick …

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Under the Radar

  Exactly one year ago, I sat on the couch in Cleveland writing a Tisha B’Av post. It’s a year later and here we are again. There are still boxes all over my house, but this time I’m packing up instead of unpacking. There are probably many things that I have learned over the course …

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