Shout Out Leora

As we speak, Yael is out at Starbucks with our favorite babysitter, Leora. For those of you who are capable of doing the math (or reading this blog), it is no secret that Yael is 13. Last year (last month) she was 12. Both ages are perfectly respectable ages to begin babysitting — or at least sticking your brothers in front of a TV for a few hours. But we found ourselves in need of a babysitter. When we first moved here our justification was that it was a new city and perhaps Yael would be a bit nervous. Then we just loved the babysitters we were bringing into the house — such positive good role models for Yael to hang out with (you all know who you are).

And then my kids unilaterally all fell in love with Leora. And by Leora I mean she’s all nice and all but her iPhone is TOTALLY decked out in some crazy apps that makes Leora’s name in our house this: leoracanihaveyouriphone. So Leora would babysit, Dov and Nani would fight over her phone and Yael and Leora would get very invested in doing their nails. It was a perfect match.

Leora leaves for Israel tomorrow and gets back after Yael leaves for camp so this is their goodbye. Yael has this adorable bit where she lists the seven things she’s going to miss about Cleveland (don’t worry, I’m sure you’re one of the seven). But Leora is there: responsible for 14.28% of the awesomeness of Yael’s year.

So Leora, consider this your shout out, your evaluation but not our goodbye. You have truly made Yael’s (and Yoni, Eitan, certainly Nani, Dov and all of us) year just a bit more magical.


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