Yoni Katz.



I have loved so much of Yoni’s year. We landed in Cleveland on a Friday morning in July and by Shabbat morning at shul he had met “the guys” and I haven’t seen him too much since. I love love Yoni’s friends. They are beloved delightful thugs who make me genuinely smile. It’s been a good year for him. He has known his fair share of the inside of the principal’s office and has bonded with the administrative assistant he hangs out with during his detentions. Yoni spends a nice amount of time contemplating his words. Words are what usually get him in trouble. We talk about it often.

I have done my fair share of talking this year and Yoni has bemoaned the fact that he hasn’t inherited the genes that allow him to get up and speak passionately and articulately (without getting him in Big Trouble). I told him he just needs to use his power for good to take those words and put them in the right place at the right time.

Tonight was the right place at the right time. Tonight at 6th grade graduation, Yoni and his friends got up and spoke and acted and kept us entertained. Yoni spoke about his year. He was charming and adorable and went off script to get the laugh he so badly wanted. It was a beautiful way for Yoni to end his year.

But here is what makes Yoni Yoni (and here is where I acknowledge my friends who love Yoni so truly and deeply and remain his biggest advocate): as Yoni finishes speaking he waits on stage as each of six other students read their speeches. As they are set to get off the stage, Yoni quickly strides off in the opposite direction. And just seconds before I sink under my seat, I realize he is running to get his friend’s crutches for him where they had been left behind. No speech in the world could have made me prouder. Yoni FTW.

(Sidenote: as we were driving home tonight we noticed we were driving behind this car! We chased it down snapping tons of pictures until we bordered on stalkerish. awesome.)


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  1. Maybe Yoni and Ashira??

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