I carved out this great deal with David. Every day this week while our kids are still counting down days until school ends but while we are mostly liberated, we’d spend one hour doing one thing connected to going home. Think: new sheets, tupperwares. David has a slightly different view of the week. Day one sees us at Restaurant Depot. Why buy with the rest of the world at Costco when you can get in with the cool kids at Restaurant Depot? Borrowing a very coveted card to gain access (with the promise of picking up some celery as thanks) off we head to slightly past nowhere Cleveland.

As has been well documented, I don’t always love David adventures. But I LOVED Restaurant Depot. For two reasons:

1. Yael and I are completely devoted to Top Chef (Minus the finale of last season which for some reason we never watched. It’s probably languishing on my DVR somewhere). Restaurant Wars has those chefs careening through exactly this type of store. I was sort of hoping for that to happen in slightly past nowhere Cleveland. (It didn’t.)

2. They sold GIANT containers of colorful sprinkles. Nothing is more joyous than colorful sprinkles (ps if you are that person who is about to tell me that dead bugs are squished into sprinkles, don’t do that. I will just hate you). I bought lots of sprinkles.

Drunk on the adventure of freedom during the day and colorful sprinkles, I suggest to Dave that we play hooky. There’s a great movie theater a block away and a great movie I want to see (Now You See Me). I love summer blockbusters. I love smart crime. I love the huge discount you get when you see a movie at 1:45 (who knew?) so away we went. All goodness.

With school over, students have continued to uncover my fb life and blog. So here is today’s shoutout: Ziva (happy essay writing).

One last thing: there is always a song playing in the background when I write. Tonight, Glee’s take on Girls Just Want to Have Fun (ridiculously good).


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  1. Sonny Kugelman

    I just don’t understand why you’d rather see a movie than hang out with me and Ari.

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