Street Cred.

The end of school has brought up a couple of uncomfortable realities. Here’s one: what am I going to do next year? Here’s the thing about shlichut (or at least a successful shlichut because my childhood was filled with well-intentioned but bad shlichim): you spend a year doing good. In fact, the one rule David and I had going into this year was that the answer to any request made of us would be “yes.” It is a year of giving, and giving makes you feel good. So we have worked so so hard and feel so so good. Why, then, would we give that up? Why would we walk away from something we love doing and do well and are appreciated for doing to head to the great unknown? It has been so much harder than we expected to reach the end of our year. (Side note: you may not comment on this post. All I need is an inbox full of people reminding me about the Zionist dream and other people reminding me about the awesomeness of the public library here.)

Another hilarity is ushering in a teenage daughter to the world of goodbyes. Yael has barely been a teen for 5 days, but she has embraced her role with full gusto. She has spent the year skyping and chatting and texting with her friends in Israel bemoaning the distance between them all. Suddenly, she doesn’t know how she can leave Cleveland. She tears up all the time and can’t imagine abandoning this world. In perhaps not my best parenting moment, I told her that if she planned to cry for the next two months, I’d put her on a plane home today.

One final oddity for me is my new readership. I originally started this blog to keep my peeps in Israel up to date on what was going on with us here. Cute American moments, some pictures, some hilarious stories about my kids. As time went on, I started writing for a Cleveland audience as well — new friends, new people I wanted to be my friends. It seems that I have, at this point, picked up some student readers. I shun students from my life of social media (I love you. But I shun you.). It is a well-known fact that I won’t be friends with my students on facebook or twitter. I have snapchat and instagram on my phone only because my students will steal my phone and, faster than most CIA operatives, load me up with the latest cool trendy app. I should be neither cool nor trendy in the teenage world. But in the hallways now, students reference the blog — a sly remark here, a knowing glance there. It’s giving me a bit more street cred so I’ll take it. But knowing there are a few of you reading, let me just say this: you are what makes it sad to leave.


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