I miss my towels.


This post is mostly for Jorge (and for anyone else who put down money on whether or not we’d be coming back after one year).

The official “see ya” moment came a few weeks ago. At a tekes in the school on Yom HaZikaron, families moving to Israel are asked to come up on stage and light a candle. We tried to wiggle out of it saying that being here for one year does not earn you a candle-lighting spot, but they were short on olim this year so up we went, launching our goodbye tour. And, yesterday, the official goodbye letter went out when “new and exciting” changes in the school were sent out to the parent body. We were “new and exciting” in that we’re out the door. Not going to lie, I definitely feel a little queasy with the beginning of the end.

But there are things that I miss, and every so often I need to remind myself of them. So here goes:

I’m certain that I miss the bigger picture — the Zionist dream, the idealism, the embracing something larger than myself bit, my family and friends — but I think it’s the little things that are starting to nag at me to come home. I really miss my serving pieces. I think, as I serve off of the finest Chinet you can overbuy at Costco, I do dream a little bit about items made of durable materials. Dov has become so used to disposable plates (dear mother earth, so sorry but as penance I’ll compost next year) that at a play date he finished his snack and threw his very not disposable plate in the garbage — it’s just how we roll. I miss good towels and an abundance of linens. We played it well while we were here. There was no need to go out and buy everything again, we’ve got it all at home, so this year was an extended camping trip. We do have everything that we need, but we do not have what you accumulate in a lifetime together (at one point this year I caved and bought a vase. we’re not heathens.)

So, Israelite friends and family, we are totally coming home.  You’re all invited over to eat off of our dishes (maybe a bit nerdy but I googled my dishes to find the right image for this post — I do miss them!).

It’s the little things.

(Also, my newest youngest reader is Sonny. Here’s your shout out, babe.)


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