Norman’s got nothing on us


I thought we were winding down on our American experience. I figured we had stuffed as much “America” as we could at our kids (though, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve made apple pie at all this year). But today brought yet another wonderfully iconic American experience: high school baseball. More specifically, Mizrachi Mayhem baseball.

With David out of town on yet another adventure (all of David’s adventures fall somewhere along the lines of: he drove really far to meet a really interesting person to learn about something. Today is no exception to that rule), I was flying solo with the kids. Yoni is home sick (and by sick I mean he messed up his knee — no torn ACL (which he adorably called his TLC) but a nice flare up of Osgood Shlatter’s and is wearing a brace and on crutches for the next few weeks AND has a virus where he is running 102) so I wanted to keep the house somewhat calm for him. Also, the weather was gorgeous today and the High School softball team was playing so I figured we’d hang out with the school folk and air out Eitan, Nani and Dov. It turns out that my boys could care less about what is going on on the baseball field but were LOVING the sloping hill nearby. So on this (finally!) wonderful Ohio afternoon my boys are whooping it up rolling down the hill dozens of times — just loving life. They are the perfect TIDE commercial. We ended the afternoon by stopping at Ben and Jerry’s to pick up ice cream for after dinner. It’s like we live in a Norman Rockwell painting.






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  1. Fabulous. Do you want my apple pie recipe?

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