Tears already?



A funny thing happened just the other day. I started to get sad. It sort of crept up on me in little ways. A friend emailed me a great book recommendation, and I just popped into the library and picked it up (for those Israelite readers you will appreciate the impossibility of learning of a new book and getting it with 15 minutes). Another friend had a baby and I dropped off some food and got sad that adorable friends will soon be far away friends. We went out to eat last night at “restaurant in the lobby of the shul” and the owner asked us to turn off the lights on the way out because they were all going home (it was 9:37).

At school, we were asked to light a candle at the Yom HaAtzmaut celebration because we were returning to Israel. Wait, I thought, that can’t be it? Am I done? I feel like we’ve been here for 15 minutes. It can’t be over already. And it isn’t, but lighting that candle sure seems to be putting us at the stage of the beginning of the end of our year. Yael told us last night she would cry when she leaves because she is leaving an adventure behind. I’ll definitely cry when I leave because people are good and the midwest is good and we’ve been feeling like rock stars here (not Madonna rock-stars more like  a nice folksy rock-star). But I’m not so sure about the whole lighting the candle bit. I think that will throw me over the edge. I’ll be bringing tissues and trying to avoid making direct eye contact with anyone in the crowd.


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  1. I totally sympathize! We’ve been in Boston for two years and going back to Israel is bittersweet for both the adults and kids in the family….a huge ‘nod’ to the luxury of the Public Library system….(ahem, Boston actually was home to the very first lending library in America). Stay strong, Katzs! See you ‘on the other side’ 😉 Tammy

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