David and I knew early on that we weren’t going to be the proselytizing Zionist shlichim. We figured people are grown ups — they can make their own decisions. And I stand by that ideology. But I’m going to write some stuff now about Israel so you may want to stop reading.

On day 231 of 365 days of katzs, I came back to Israel for five days. Mostly it was to fulfill a promise I made to my parents to see them over the course of the year. But also I missed my world. So I snuck back in for a few minutes — I sat in coffee shops, browsed book stores, watched my friend’s kids at their ballet chug and generally squished in as much of my old life as possible. And people showed up — they escaped from the Army for a few hours (what’s one more stint in army jail anyway), skipped classes from University, drove from far away, chauffeured me all over the place, went on buses (perhaps the ultimate sacrifice!) and just reminded me time and time and time again what a wonderful life we have in Israel.

When asked about our year in Cleveland, I really only have the nicest things to say: work is great, the school is inspiring, our friends are fun and kind, the adventure is fantastic and my kids are happy. So it is really quite amazing that even with this great experience that we’re having, I’m able to stand back and love Israel so so very much. So, thanks for the Zionist dream — filled with ice coffee, great friends, adorable nieces and nephews, good showers in homes up and down the Gush and just unconditional love. See you in August.



  1. So happy I got to enjoy your visit with you!! Gotta love living here. Nothing like it. Can’t wait till August!

  2. debra berkowitz

    wow, you do have your head on straight!! sorry i missed you, chag kasher vesameach, the berkowitz;s

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