Cheating and Lying My Way Through Color War.


It is a widely known fact (in my very limited world of people who have experienced color war with me) that I cheat. In fact, in the myriad of meetings we sat through planning color war at Mizrachi, I let it be known that I could not be counted on to judge anything. I’m terrible. I mean well, but I’m just not trustworthy. I have actually been banned from judging anything at Moshava (and, if I’m being honest, I think I actually even got yelled at for scoring Machal color war badly). I own this shortcoming. No real justification. I’m just really competitive and love love love color war.

But here is what makes Mizrachi color war particularly awesome. The buy in. Kids LOVE color war. They love it. They wait for it. The number of kids who skip out on it is minimal. The coolest kid I know in the High School, who exudes the vibe of just hipster awesomeness is all in. She’s loving it. And I’m loving them all the more so because everyone is embracing face paint and glitter and hoarse voices and competition. Once again, Mizrachi dazzles.

One last note: Today, I was asked to judge the final competition. Hahahahahahahaha. So very happy.



  1. Mizrachi Staff Member

    Loved the post. I am going to have to challenge your assessment of “the coolest kid I know in the High School.” You must not know a lot of kids or your wacky Canadian/Israeli standards need to be recalibrated.

    • Hilarious that you’re an anonymous Mizrachi staff member! And not so very anonymous…

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