David’s Nirvana


In America boxes are delivered to the door. I have discovered the joy of Amazon, eBay and internet shopping. So I’m always just a little bit of Christmas happy to see boxes waiting for me when I get home from work. Most boxes are small. A book or two. A pair of sweatpants or two. Today I came home to discover a package roughly the size of a body. Clearly it was addressed to David.

Things are progressing nicely in the world of David. He’s made apple cider with the middle school, grape juice with the lower school, olive oil with just about everyone (early this year we noticed that the theme of David was take something and squish it). Tomorrow he’s off to the planetarium to teach Jewish skies (cool, no?). Until now, our house has been… our house. We’ve had very little David crazy scattered throughout. In Israel, we had hives in the backyard for a time (until 1000 bees discovered them). I’ve had honey extractors, olive presses, very large stones, matza ovens and trailers to help transport it all. I’ve enjoyed not living in Black Creek Pioneer Village this year.

Enter the bread oven. Some might think that a garage in snowy Cleveland should be used for your car. Rookie mistake. Why put a car in your garage when you can build a bread oven in your garage? So David and his team of builders built a bread oven. Then David and his team of builders and what I think was a nice number of Bnei Akiva kids at a meeting next door moved our bread oven from the garage to the backyard. And today the body bag arrived (alas no decaying corpse just slightly pretentious “oven management tools”) so David was able to fire up the oven to start baking with some of our favorite High School guys. Thinking that I’d like to be part of the process, David asked me to whip up a cookie batter and planned to inaugurate his oven with cookies. Cool. So now we’re eating ashy chocolate chip cookies (even Chef Boyardee had a learning curve) and dreaming of good bread. Mmmm…



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