Monthly Archives: February, 2013

Anniversary Syndrome

It is clear to perhaps everyone out there that at some point after Eitan was born at week 27 I should have found a really good therapist and dealt with it. I didn’t. I’m pretty self-aware (meaning, I know the event shook me to the core even though I may not know exactly what to …

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I am feeling particularly Zen. I’m sitting in Starbucks where they have almost spelled my name correctly on my drink. I am two hours away from a ChallahCrumbs’ webinar. I have not prepared for it at all (hence the need to escape to Starbucks — though you can see how well my prep is going). …

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David’s Nirvana

In America boxes are delivered to the door. I have discovered the joy of Amazon, eBay and internet shopping. So I’m always just a little bit of Christmas happy to see boxes waiting for me when I get home from work. Most boxes are small. A book or two. A pair of sweatpants or two. …

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