Let it snow.



There is an immense power that comes from being someplace for only one year. The safety net of knowing you’re here for 12 (or 13) months allows you to thoroughly enjoy every minute and forces you to step up your game to maximize every opportunity. So, it was with great joy that we put all our kids in PJs last Saturday night, bundled them up in the car with hot chocolate to go and see the wonderfully awesome Christmas lights in Nelo Park in Cleveland. We drove around the city looking at Christmas trees and lights. Channan told us it was our best party ever. There have been countless bad Disney Christmas movies. Dov sings Deck the Halls with Bells of Holy.

Yesterday we had the requisite morning hours of school followed by an afternoon of homemade Chinese food (oh, restaurants, you are a hazy beloved memory) with friends and lots and lots of small children. The joy of being shlichim is never having the pressure of buying furniture so our living room is the perfect soccer field and we may have had enough children here to have had two full soccer teams.

And today is a glorious snow day. It is actually the best of all snow days — the kind that starts off with no snow at all. Yael and I (and Dov) spent the morning shopping while David had the other boys at the JCC. We all got home just in time to watch the snow coming down are are now in full-ish blizzard mode. I’ve bought a million pairs of kids’ gloves with no intention of them lasting beyond this week (glove advice welcome).  We’ve attempted to make snow balls and igloos. Yoni has taught himself to snow board and, not coincidentally, has learned the joy of long underwear.


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