Eitan and the history of vomit.

Two summers ago we were up at camp, and one Shabbat at Seudat Shleesheet time, Eitan announced that he wasn’t feeling well. In fact, in a way that comes to personify Eitan, he let us know that his stomach hurt and he was going to throw up. Well, he was 6 and a red head and we wanted to hang out with our friends so we sort of blew it off. How silly we felt when he vomited all over the porch of our cabin.

Fast forward to… this morning. Eitan has been doing remarkably well in Cleveland. But each morning he insists on wearing a t-shirt to school. It has been raining for 7 days straight. I honestly can say I haven’t seen the sun in a full week, and perhaps a long-sleeve shirt would be in order. So this morning I sat Eitan down before school and explained that as long as he kept choosing to wear t-shirts to school, he could not complain that his belly hurt or that he had a cough. You lose the right to moan and groan about alleged illnesses if you insist on wearing a t-shirt. He seemed to listen. He put an undershirt on under his t-shirt and then went to school and threw up 5 times. And was diagnosed with pneumonia. Good parenting all around.

But there was a silver lining to this mostly gross day. In Israel, there was always a friend for coffee. It could be work-related or gossip-related or just coffee-related, but there was always someone running errands in the same areas at more or less the same time to sit down with. It has been, without a doubt, one of the things I’ve missed most since I got here. Just finding my peeps.

So imagine my joy as I walked into Caribou this morning to meet a friend and found the entire coffee shop filled with people I knew. Table after table of coffee-drinking folks whose names I knew, whose houses I’ve hung out at, whose kids are friends with my kids. It was one of my first truly Zen moments.

The rest of the day has been filled with vomit, but the morning…

One final note: birthday love goes out to Tamara on her 40th — the perfect coffee-drinking friend so so sad to have missed the (literal) song and dance. Happy happy birthday!


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