Oxy Clean in a Swing State.

We were out for lunch over Shabbat and Eitan got more than his fair share of chocolate on his white Shabbat shirt (to be fair, Eitan refuses to wear actual Shabbat shirts and spends his weekends clad in $5 white polos from Target). Completely unfazed, Eitan suggested that we buy some Oxy Clean, “Mommy, it really gets rid of stains,” he told me.

While I’m pleased that Eitan is internalizing the truisms imparted during commercial breaks while watching Johnny Test, I was actually surprised any Oxy Clean commercials managed to elbow their way on to the airwaves during election time in Ohio.

All that mid-West love that I’ve been talking about? That’s thrown out the window when it’s October and you’re living in a swing state. 90% of commercials on TV and the radio are one candidate slamming on another one. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is too nasty. It’s brutal. Everyone hates everyone. We’ve been answering some pretty intense election-related questions from Eitan who misses nothing. I’m looking forward to November 7 when we’re back to Oxy Clean.

(One last thing: candidates are all over this place. There have been almost endless opportunities to go and hear Obama and Romney. I think Paul Ryan is on his way tomorrow. I opt out of those. But Mayim Bialik coming to town? I got my tickets already.)


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  1. Just love you!

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