Cleveland 1. Katzs: Beaten down to the ground.

Before school started, David and I could not get over the list of supplies that our younger kids needed to bring to school, specifically Channan. Going into first grade, he had to bring plenty of crayons, markers, high lighters and pencils but he also had to bring 2 full containers of Lysol Wipes and 2 big boxes of tissues. With each kid in the class hauling in his or her stash, the first grade of Fuchs Mizrachi is ready for flu-season Armageddon. In fact, the window of his classroom’s storeroom looks out on to the parking lot and you see a virtual Costco-worthy number of Lysol wipes.

David and I thought this to be hilarious. Never in Israel would we bring Lysol wipes anywhere (they don’t even have Lysol wipes!). Get dirty! Now the Katz boys are belovedly snotty so I’m pleased with the tissue arsenal. But between the Purell, anti-bacterial, hand sanitizers, foam soaps — it is like an entire industry embracing the obsessive-compulsive has been launched since we moved to Israel.

But we do not get the last smug laugh. Oh, no. Cleveland is kicking us but good. Yael is on round three of strep. Yoni is a close-second with his second round of strep in the past month. David has the flu. I have the flu. Dov has some kind of croup cough. Eitan is trying hard to get a day off of school so he’s been coughing too. It’s a good thing that CVS has a drive-through pharmacy window, but at this point we’d crawl through a CVS doggie-door to get antibiotics.

Ironically, the only kid not sick (yet) is Channan. Those Lysol wipes really are the newest cloaking device (dad, love me more, I just referenced Star Trek). Dear Lysol wipes and Mr. Purell, you win. I am converted. Also, I’d really like some tea.



  1. chana

    R’fuah S’lamah:-)

  2. Fern Sanders

    Why do I seem to remember that on 4 Bison Drive, there was a constant round robin of strep going through the family 1 or 2 at a time and then all over again. Just like old times.

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