House Arrest.

What a wonderfully bizarre 25 hours we’re about to have. We are most certainly not keeping the 2nd day of chag, but any of David’s great plans of covertly leaving the house at 5 am to hike for the day or stick baseball hats on our heads, trek to the nearest subway station and live it up in downtown Cleveland (oh irony, welcome to Ohio) were quickly shot down by the Rabbi here. So, we’re under house arrest. We’ll be living it up eating grill cheese at 14500 East Carroll while the world around us will be tucking themselves into yet another holiday meal. It will be strange for any number of reasons but mostly this one: we live in the epicenter of Prayertown, Ohio. Less than 20 seconds from our house (really, we’re closer to the shul here than we are in Alon Shevut if that is even possible) there are 4 huge shuls catering to different brands of Orthodoxy. There will be so much yom tov around us that we actually may need to hide in the basement to make phone calls.

But I am super stoked about house arrest. I have come up with thousands of things to do because, really, when are you ever  just in your house for so long. My current plan involves laundering everything in the house, writing up my massive midterm assignment, teaching Channan how to read, writing lists of things I need to buy at Costco, reorganizing the kitchen, finding all library books, changing light bulbs, writing some more lists. We do plan a brief escape tomorrow afternoon. We’ll dress the part and then head over to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s for lunch. While Yael, Yoni and Eitan seem to understand what we’re doing and why, Channan isn’t sure if he’s supposed to be happy or sad about it. In fact, he was pretty close to tears until he understood we would be popping popcorn and watching TV tonight. Then we were treated to the Nani grin.


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