Oh Good TV, Don’t Fail Me Now.

I love me my good TV. Living in Israel loving TV took some commitment. You needed to download stuff or buy stuff or make a concerted effort to watch stuff. I am proud of spreading good TV to my Alon Shevut ladies (and gentlemen). But I thought one plus in the column of living in the Americas would be great TV. We gave it some thought: do we need to DVR stuff or to order Netflix or cable. David immediately parent-controled every channel on the TV. Also, David watches virtually no TV so this was his little love letter to me: welcome to Cleveland, have some TV.

And I did. But then something crazy happened. My soul threw up just a little bit. Because TV here is just sticking cameras into every bizarre, sad, private aspect of life. Will you buy that wedding dress? Will you sell your house? Will you swap your wife? Will have 21 kids? Will you bake a cake in the shape of a blood thirsty dolphin? (that one is sort of cool). Too much TV is heartbreakingly not entertaining. I was excited about a new show called Breaking Amish about a group of kids who leave their world behind. I mistakenly thought it would be documentary-like. Nope, it was MTV like. It’s like people’s compulsion to stare at roadkill: it is sadness and human frailty broadcast 24 hours a day. I may be rejecting all reality TV to rally against exploiting people who, in all honesty, seem perfectly happy to be exploited. Me? I’m just happy Parks and Recreation is back on. Lesley Knope would never stand for this.


ps. when I say no reality TV, obviously I don’t mean Amazing Race. Still mad love for Phil.


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  1. mali brofsky

    this post – why I love you.

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