It was bound to happen. We have been here for 52 days. So some may say we were long overdue. But today was the day of the first complete and total meltdown. To put it in perspective, I think Yael went to sleep close to 1 am last night so she’s pretty crazy exhausted. And on Shabbat she was surrounded by some adorable giggly girls who she was all too happy to be adorable and giggly with. But tonight I heard the tears and sobs upstairs. She misses home and her friends and her life and her friends and her house and her friends. Shoot, man. Just shoot. Because I miss home and friends and my life and my friends and my house and my friends. I have the ability (most of the time) to recognize just how awesome this opportunity is. But I identify with that moment where you’re taking a deep breath and thinking how did I get here? In truth, this weekend has been nothing but lovely. I met most of the community over Shabbat. I spoke at the women’s Beit Midrash. There was a beautiful slichot concert at the school last night. I did my first ChallahCrumbs live event. My 9th and 10th students have started a Facebook page in my honor (it’s for when I text one of them and the others feel left out) and my seniors are coming over this week to bake sheep heads with me (the heads are currently waiting patiently in our freezer). The weather has started to turn to fall (I LOVE that!). It was really great. But there’s a little Dorothy in all of us, clicking our heels. Here’s hoping Yael wakes up smiling.

Editor’s note: Yael didn’t wake up smiling. She woke up with 102 fever, vomiting and strep throat. That may have led to some of her drama. Also, I’ve rapidly lost my cheap popularity with my students as they have started realizing that I sometimes make them work. Ah, the difference a day makes 🙂



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  1. Emma

    I know exactly how you feel, except I feel that about our move to Israel and missing my friends, work and home in Toronto. As I have been told….hang in there as each day gets a little easier and at least you know you are coming back to Israel. 🙂

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