The time where I watched football. On purpose.

In an effort to do all things America in our All Things America Year (ATAY), I will be watching football tonight with Yoni. Yael may join us to watch big men hit each other. I spent the day asking the male teaching staff the rules, the teams and the stuff I should sort of know (I’d feel embarrassed but Yael just asked what a quarterback was so I think I’m doing okay). I realize that I don’t have any of the pretty football accessories. Yoni is sitting next to me eating cherry tomatoes instead of chips or pretzels or meat, and the only thing I’ll be drinking is Fresca. I’m curious how long I’ll be able to keep this whole sports charade up. I’m going to hope to make it until half time. Baby steps. Always baby steps. Hmmm… Queen Latifa… all right, I guess I can watch this part 🙂


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