Jeans at a wedding. Button-down shirts to 6th grade.

David and I have never been grownups in America so we’re enjoying being puzzled by the ride. Yoni, it turns out, needs to wear pants to school every day. In Israel, you don’t even wear pants to funerals or weddings. I don’t mean you come naked (though that would be funny), but jeans at a wedding are totally par for the course. As are sneakers at a bat mitzvah. Now while we have never joined that particular Israeli trend, Yoni now needs to go to school more dressed up than he would on an average Shabbat at home. No jeans, no sweat pants, no track pants (mercifully) — full on Gap ad “Back to School” prep school uniform regalia.

And the rest of us are not immune to the new runway show. Hiker Dave is about to be replaced by Brooks Brothers Dave. Every day is Shabbos pants day (as opposed to Israel where no day, including Shabbat, was Shabbos pants day!). I’ll be honest, the boys clean up nicely so it’s kind of fun to dress them up. Eitan, who is no great lover of change, has recently discovered that there are no shorts in school. He’s not dealing well. I’m also facing the great clothing challenge. Having lived in mom clothes for close to a decade, I’m curious about this thing called accessorizing or what life looks like when you don’t wear a jean skirt for most of each week.

But I will speak of one accessory that had me super smiling last week: The Fruit Loop Necklace. Nothing says happy American childhood more than stringing elbow noodles, cheerios or the ultimate in stringing: the fruit loop on to a necklace. And Dov got to do just that. So hurray for new clothes, button down shirts, pressed pants but most of all the fruit loop necklace.



  1. Rivky

    and we are adjusting to the opposite! Zvi hated khakis – and now he can be comfortable in school?

    • Rivky, you should be writing a counter blog. We’re going through opposite experiences at the same time! Sad we’re not there with you!

      • Rivky

        You’ll be home soon enough. I think about you every time I pass your house.

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