The proud owners of two toys #ToysRNotUs.

Indulge me in some toy math. Each time my parents would visit Israel when the kids were young, they would bring toys. Each time my mother-in-law would visit, she would bring toys. And each time we went to the States/Canada for our summer pilgrimage, they would give us toys.

That roughly equals a zillion toys.

Yael is 12 x 4 sets of toys a year = 48 toys + Yoni’s 44 toys + Eitan’s32 toys + Channan’s 24 toys + Dov’s 12 sets of toys = 160 toys.

That doesn’t include Chanuka (from us, my parents and mother-in-law and sister and her family) =  48+44+32+24+12 = 160 toys and then of course:

Birthdays!!! (which my sister and her husband also give gifts for) = 48+44+32+24+12 = 160 toys.

And that’s really the tip of the barrel: family friends, friends, assorted others, guests, strangers — they toss toys at us too (my favorite was the teddy bear some Christians who love Israel tour group brought to give to the poor kids in the West Bank — loving that bourgeois Alon Shevut made the charity list!).

So, when it came time to clean up our home before we left, we were knee deep in toys. To our credit, we gave a lot away — things that were missing pieces or were no longer age-appropriate went to people who were not us. Others were recycled or packed away. And then we moved to America.

I am overjoyed to report that we now have two toys. a Spiderman mini-car toy and magnetic tiles. That’s it. And that’s fine. Eitan, Nani and Dov build these elaborate tile set ups for Spiderman to knock down or to Evel Knievel over. They giggle. They fight. They play. Two toys, folks. That’s it.

I know it won’t stick. Someone gave us a bucket of Lego just today. But I’m keeping it on the side because my life of two toys is grand. I’m in the land of great toys at great prices advertised in great ways during great TV shows so I know I’m fighting a losing battle, but allow me this minute or two because I’m loving it.



  1. Wendy Lefko Messeloff

    If your house is anything like ours, that’s all you’ll need! Cars, magna tiles and Legos are like basic food groups. 🙂

  2. Mali

    love it! btw, we had (have?) that bear too – he was Shira’s favorite for quite a while. His name is “Christian Bear”.

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