Hashem is here. Hashem is there. Also the deer are here and there.

All olim can identify with the feelings of inadequacy that come hand in hand with sending your kid off to preschool. On the surface, the kid looks fine — clean, brushed teeth, lunch packed but the feeling of failure happens when the kid comes home… singing. Because we don’t know the songs. I have been a good sport. We’ve bought at least 3 copies of Me’ah Shirim Rishonim (David and I actually compete as to who knows more songs in that book). We struggle through the songs, but no matter how hard we try we’re never going to attain that coveted status: Israeli kindergarten teacher.

So imagine my joy when Nani came home botching up the words to “Hashem is Here, Hashem is There”. (Sidenote: I super LOVE that Nani and Eitan are in a Lubavitch day camp. I think it is a rite of passage to join tzivos hashem for awhile.) Accompanying “Hashem is Here, Hashem is There” is a great rendition of “Don’t Walk in front of me” in Hebrew, English and Hindi (though maybe it’s Russian…). Dov has been singing the Hokey Pokey, Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and Wheels on the Bus. I am loving singing along.

One last thing: I figured moving to Cleveland wouldn’t be that different from living in Toronto (well, minus kosher restaurants, Second Cup and the CN Tower). But here is this wildly bizarre experience — there are deer everywhere. In Toronto, we had squirrels. In Israel, we had cats. Here, there are deer. That’s so beyond normal. But what’s even crazier is that people in Cleveland think it’s normal to see deer in their backyard. We spent most of Shabbat afternoon watching the two baby deer in our backyard. We named them. We talked to them. We went outside to see how close we could get. Deer are way way bigger than squirrels. What’s up with that, Cleveland?


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