Juice box vs. Choco BeSakit


Add to the list of experiences that an Israeli child does not excel at… the Juice Box. I’m honestly surprised than any three year-old can master the art of drinking from a box with a straw, but particularly the Israelite child is set up for failure. I’ve given this some serious thought (while wiping up plenty of juice spills). Much like the way the Israeli driver is slightly more aggressive, an Israelite (at least my Israelites) does not possess the ability to gently poke the straw into the box and sip. The simple act of holding the box overwhelms and juice spills each and every damn time. While I don’t want to slander an entire society, I think there is a very good reason juice boxes never made it big in Israel. We just can’t do it. All the evidence you need is the Israeli staple: Choco BeSakit (chocolate milk in a bag). In Israel, we keep it real: just bite the edge of your chocolate milk bag and suck it down. Straws are for the weak.



  1. Awesome.

  2. r.b.

    Does that mean your kids have never had a Tropeet here? Not only do you need to use a straw, you’ve got to stab the drink to get the straw into the drink in the first place.

    • I think that Tropeets totally prove my point. You need to be super buff to be able to break through the foil to even get the straw in. I am actually intimidated by them 🙂

      • Donna

        Don’t be fooled. No one can do it, even Americans. It is designed to spill.

  3. Josh Feldman

    Ahhhh. The secret is with YOU poking the straw through the hole, and then YOU taking the first sip. This prevents any spillage or squeezage ;->


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