Road trip, baby. 20 hours in Toronto.

When I was younger, we would drive between Cleveland and Toronto or Toronto and Camp Stone at the drop of a hat (Mikey Shore, Doniel Ehrenreich, Shoshana Gordon… here’s looking at you!). We thought nothing about jumping into the car for a 5 hour drive. So I didn’t think too much about driving up to Toronto on Wednesday for the day. I threw a few things into a suitcase and off I went. Let me say this: I am old. Israel has changed me. No one in Israel would wake up and say, hey let’s drive to Eilat for a day (small digression: when I was assistant director at Young Judaea we would do random — and super not random — drug tests so I actually did drive down to Eilat for a day just to watch a couple of kids pee in cups — not my best professional moment!). Anyway, 5 hours in a car is long. I had taken a bunch of books on disc and discovered that Ellen DeGeneres really isn’t that funny but Maya Angelou rocks my world. But mostly I discovered that I’m old. 5 hours in a car made me tired and cranky 🙂

But it was for a good cause. My sister-in-law Maya’s play was on for one night only in Toronto before heading to Edmonton so I decided to go in to see it. There is something wonderful about knowing that David and Maya are so close by. I was happy that I drove in because the play was about a plane going down so I was quite pleased that I wasn’t heading back to Cleveland in a plane (that description doesn’t really do the play justice. It was ridiculously hilarious).

20 hours in Toronto got me to see my mom’s closest friends, eat at Tov Li, frozen yogurt, Dairy Treats. I found it cute (sorry patriotic Canadians) that Canada tries hard to find Canadian Olympic athletes to be proud of. Nothing is more fun than watching the Olympics in America because they win. In Israel we love being the underdogs but sometimes it’s just good to be… you know… a winner.

Speaking of winners, super proud of my Alon Shevut ladies who completed Daf Yomi. As far as I know, they are the only group of women in the world who spent the past 7 1/2 years doing Daf Yomi together. Nice.

We’re two weeks in to our year away, and we’re doing well. I bubble wrapped bakery cookies today to send to our kids at Stone. That should get me some good mom points. We’re hosting for the first time this Shabbat so that restores order into my mildly chaotic world. You know I love me a good Shabbat meal with friends.


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  1. doniel

    You were able to jump into a car for five hours w no kids? That I’m jealous of.

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