Tisha B’Av with the Cartoon Network

While I’ve had my fair share of meaningful fasts in Israel — reading Eicha on top of Herodian probably tops my list, but true Tisha B’Av, for me, will always be at camp. Today was the perfect storm of Tisha B’Av-ishness: Small kids, Sunday, not too much to do = a Tisha B’Av spent in the park, unpacking in the new house and watching Cartoon Network. Nothing makes you mourn the Temple more than a Sponge Bob Square Pants marathon.

Nani played this wonderfully bittersweet game with me yesterday on our way home from lunch. He slipped his hand into mine and asked me to talk to him about all his friends in Israel. He would name a kid in his class (thank goodness for only 10 kids in a class!) and then I would need to ask — where do they live? what do you like playing with them? so that he could then launch into a one-man show about what he has left behind. Eicha yashva badad, hair rabati am… indeed. My little lonely man of faith.

Things are coming along well. Eitan’s camp put a notice in their weekly bulletin warning parents of the $750-$1000 fine that could be incurred if one’s child pulled the fire alarm. Nani knows the name of 3 kids in his bunk and Dov is wearing Angry Bird underwear. Yoni is still rocking the Camp Stone website and we’ve gotten letters from both Yoni and Yael. We plan on moving into the house this week.

With an hour and a half left of the fast, I am definitely missing Israel, if only because the fast ends WAY earlier there.




  1. tovit

    Nothing makes you mourn the temple more….. than combing out a headful of nits from gan. But, it also came to mind, that if I lived in Israel permanently, like when Moshiach comes, I could spend a lot of days like this…..

    • You made me laugh out loud! I knew Satmar must have real reasons to oppose the State of Israel. 🙂

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